• 3-Tier Camping Kitchen
  • 3-Tier Camping Kitchen
  • 3-Tier Camping Kitchen

High Density Foam Solutions

High-density foam (HDF) Organisers for the Outdoor Gear and Valuable Goods!

Get Organised. Prevent Breakage & Rattles.


We make it just as you want it!

HD Foam Solutions is an affiliated partner with Fearless Projects and Services. We pride ourselves on the highest quality and fastest possible turn-around-times. We are the owner – manufacturers of CampStyle Organisers. Campstyle organisers offer our private clients the opportunity to have custom designed organisers for their Campers, Caravans and Camping crates!


About Us

HD Foam Solutions specialise in manufacturing high density foam inserts and protection systems in a wide variety of industry applications.

HD Foam Solutions started with a focus in the caravan, camping and outdoor market. We started out by manufacturing High Density Foam inserts for Jurgens-CI. We have since established ourselves as a player in the market to produce quality custom products for the outdoor market, photographers and engineers. We have a “can-do-attitude” and our team is solution focused.

High-density foam organisers


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