Our Organisers

Campstyle Organisers is all about can do!

We offer a custom design service to our customers.  You can have your camping home fitted to your personal style and perfection.  We use CNC technology that includes fine router- and laser cutting.

From personalised Ammo Boxes to fitted trailer bars… we fit your camper and canopy kitchen spaced and customised to your height and comfort.  Our foam space planning and conversion is done by experts who work with you to ensure the ultimate contouring to fit shapes and sizes while ensuring that all your valuables (yes even your fine china!) will arrive at your destination in one piece! Bumpy roads and 4x4 routes does not mean you cannot camp dine in style!

We use a closed cell, cross-linked expanded Polyethylene foam in various thicknesses, suitable for packaging, padding and buoyancy, that is free from CFC’c and HCFC’c.  Our products are flame retarded (Very slow and low burn rate) are completely waterproof and buoyant.


The XPS(™) high density foam can be used as space fillers to ensure products are snugly packaged, preventing damage during transportation and storage.

Sensitive equipment can be cushion packaged to protect against shock and vibration.

Ideal for applications requiring low surface abrasion and packaging of fragile products, such as electronic components

Foam linings for interiors and case inserts